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The production of ceramics in Znojmo, southeastern Czech Republic, started in the 19th century, thus regarded as the oldest in continental Europe. Back then, the figural and decorative elements produced were a much celebrated testament to the remarkable skills of the local craftsmen.

Shortly after 1920, the very same specialists pioneered again in the continent by making kiln-fired washbasins, bathtubs and sinks. To date, JIKA creations are manufactured in two Czech factories, located in the towns of Bechyně and long-standing Znojmo.

With the 1991 acquisition by with the Swiss company LAUFEN Bathrooms, technical and operational upgrades were ignited and sanitary ceramics  product lines witnessed remarkable expansion. A combination of in-house design, natural materials and state-of-art technologies for processes define JIKA products in a very genuine way, as the internationally considered ISO 9001 quality certification earned proofs.

JIKA is the opportunity to afford a complete Bathroom that couples singular European legacy in design with contemporary technology. High quality, perfect functionality and a comprehensive solution portfolio across price ranges round up our brand’s proposal.

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All products featured on this website and in our catalogue are made from a material called Crystallite® which is manufactured from a specialised compound of natural minerals, pure polyester polymers and quartz crystal aggregate. This results in an ice-white solid surface product with a warm, velvety touch that is similar to natural stone.

The characteristics of Crystallite® are as follows:

  • It is a solid surface resin based material meaning that the consistency is the same throughout the body of the product. There are no surface coatings thus eliminating delamination, surface cracking or crazing.
  • It is highly chip resistant. In the event of an accident ie. dropping a heavy object onto a product which could chip the surface – the repair of such damage is simple and can be done on your premises.
  • It is generally scratch resistant due to the use of unique crystal particles in the manufacturing process. Enough force will however scratch any surface but this can easily be removed without damaging the product due to the solid surface nature of the material.
  • It is non-porous and does not absorb water preventing micro-organism and bacterial growth – creating an extremely hygienic product.
  • It is stain resistant and has been tested with hair dyes, cigarettes and red wine. It takes no more than a quick rub down with a scourer and some dry scouring powder (Vim) to remove the stain.
  • It might fade slightly over time if exposed to direct sunlight but can be brought back to its original colour with a quick sand down.
  • It is completely recyclable. Old products can easily be restored to original condition and re-used.
  • It is effectively a self-renewing surface which matures and becomes stronger over time.
  • The material is tough and can withstand rough handling. It can be used in areas susceptible to vandalism and high traffic ie. hotels and malls.

Custom sizes can be accommodated.